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Director, Programming & Operations
This is a non-profit network established to provide Canadians with live coverage of the House of Commons, and related events. I overhauled the network format, redesigned operations to reduce staffing requirements, and worked with both the House of Commons and the Senate to enhance live broadcasts. My responsibilities also included generation of new revenues through joint production ventures for web video streaming with government agencies and NGOs.

Director, Programming and Production
This was one of the first Specialty television networks licensed and launched in Canada. I was hired to re-launch both the English and French services, incorporating video and multi-media production techniques that were leading the industry. Responsible for all development, planning, and execution of editorial and programming elements for both English and French language networks. This involved simultaneous operations of four specialty direct-to-cable TV networks, and a Direct-To-Home (DTH) service in each language. I managed a staff of 55, including on-camera talent, reporters, producers, and graphic artists.
I implemented specific editorial policy for both networks, enlarging it to include both nature and environmental coverage; created training programs for both production and on-air personnel; and recruited and trained over 50 people.

As a result of the programs I implemented, the weekly reach of The Weather Network increased by more than three million viewers (Nielsen, January l995). The weekly reach of Météomedia, which is broadcast in French only, increased by more than one million. (Nielsen, January 1995.)

Senior Producer
Responsible for co-ordination of all camera crews, VTR editors, and reporters. Daily work involved editing schedules, show line-up, and booking special network or affiliate video feeds. I was also responsible for research, production and on-air presentation of weekly "Personal Finances" report for TV newscast. I know television, both content and technical. I have been on-air, created and produced information programming, and designed and tested interactive elements.

I have also been involved in the development, technical overhaul or programming of several other Canadian television services. You’ll find those details in the section on my Consulting experience.


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