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I have worked as an independent consultant involved in broadcast and interactive products and services for more than ten years. The projects I’ve been involved in range from CBT programs for telephone companies to GOI design for interactive television systems. Broadcast projects have included business plan development and CRTC applications for conventional television stations and specialty TV networks, and re-development radio stations. Here’s the list:

Regulatory Projects
• Advance Substitution Feasibility, study for Canadian Association of Broadcasters
• Preparation, filing, and hearing participation for CRTC hearings for 12 television applications, including Specialty and Digital Specialty.
• Preparation, filing and hearing participation for CRTC hearings for 10 radio applications, including AM and FM in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.
• Preparation, filing and hearing participation for CRTC hearings on creation of Canadian digital audio services

Administrative Projects
• Comparative study of television salaried positions in Canada
• Comparative study of broadcast Traffic and Automation systems

Programming Projects
• Development of all-news format for AM Radio application in Montreal
• Format design and programming implementation for various Canadian Specialty services, including Headline Sports (The Score), The Weather Network, MeteoMedia, The Horse Network, LNet, and Sports Vault.
• Video production for both internal corporate use or for broadcast in Canada

MultiMedia Projects
• Design, production of GOI for interactive commercial television system
• Design, production of interactive training program for telephony sales
• Design of Canadian interactive broadcast platform for Innovation TV
• Design, content acquisition of broadcast service websites including E-Commerce partnerships

Technical Projects
• Operating design, Project Management for launch of Canadian Specialty TV network Headline Sports (The Score)
• Operating design, signal distribution for Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN)
• Operating analysis and technical rebuild, Telelatino Television Network

International Projects
• Development of La Chaine Meteo, in France
• Development and application for 11 station private network, South Africa


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