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I was a staff member of the Federal Affairs Committee of The Canadian Real Estate Association, which is responsible for development and execution of the advocacy program and lobbying initiatives on behalf of REALTOR® across Canada. The Committee included members selected from across the country.

I was responsible for the development of advocacy communications and tools for use by the committee, and by The Canadian Real Estate Association. These included internal intranet resources, the development and production of materials used with MPs during annual PAC (Political Action) Days in Ottawa, and the development and execution of consumer and member surveys on lobbying issues.

Among the innovations:
• Development of "Call to Action" website generating thousands of online messages to the Prime Minister, MPs, and designated members of the federal cabinet.
• Development of Intranet resources including online reporting and compilation for strategic analysis.

I have also been involved in advocacy at the municipal level, with successful campaigns for new recreational resources and facilities.

I am also a volunteer with the Ottawa Chapter of "Think First Canada", campaigning for the use of helmets for sports and leisure activities, especially cycling.


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