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It’s a word that means different things in different businesses. The experience I bring involves taking a concept, testing and refining the idea, then making it work.

Part of my mandate as Program and Operations Director of CPAC was development of new revenue streams using internet resources. I developed a multi video stream application that allows the network to simulcast the CPAC off-air signal, or any combination of off-air with dedicated video stream. This allows the network to broadcast one thing on air, but cover another on the web. CPAC also developed "Election Detail", a web based revenue project based on multi-media coverage of the 2000 federal election campaign. Using available technology, I developed the infrastructure so that every speech by every national leader was streamed, then indexed within 24 hours of the actual event. This would allow web users to access either the video clip or the transcript at any time, using five search parameters.

As a consultant, I was responsible for developing the programming and interactivity aspects of a Travel channel TV application. This included research and development of E-commerce opportunities, and potential on-screen interactivity using digital delivery TV platforms.

E Cable
I developed and produced a GOI for the company’s interactive television system, designed for private distribution systems in apartment buildings or condos. This included the planning of how the interactivity would work in a multi-platform application. Users could order a pizza, concert tickets, a movie-on-demand, or any combination of TV networks with the correct TV guide information.

I also developed and produced an interactive communications system for an E Cable client in New York City. Sheraton Hotel franchise owners wanted a system that could be accessed either in the lobby, or in each room. This involved e-commerce and interactive television products incorporated into a single database application.


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